What do I need to know to install my hardwood decking?

Storage and Handlings – Keep your hardwood decking boards clean, dry and out of direct sunlight before installation and finishing.

Finishing – Seal decking with high quality penetrating oil sealer on all four sides prior to installation. Sealing only one side can create uneven moisture flow which increases the likelihood of cupping.

A periodic cleaning and a light coat of finish will be required in order to maintain original color.

Ventilation and Air Flow – Check and follow your local building codes

Allow adequate ventilation for proper air flow to reduce cupping and checking potential.

For maximum long term stability, install deck with a minimum ground clearance of 18”, with at least two sides of the deck open. In all cases, it is absolutely necessary to have at least 50% unrestricted airflow.

Create a slope for drainage so there is no chance of standing water.

If a minimum ground clearance of 18” is not available, we recommend 5/4 x 4 decking.

Spacing – Install 6” (5- 1/2” net) decking with a minimum gap of 1/4” between each deck board. 4” (3-1/2” ne) decking should have a minimum gap of 3/16” between each board. Also allow 1/4” from any structures such as foundations or rail post.

In more demanding applications, such as boat docks, decks built closer to the ground and decks with less airflow, a minimum gap of 5/16” for 6” decking and a minimum of 1/4” for 4” is required.

Fastening – Pre-drill pilot holes and countersink for all screws using higher quality #10 or greater, stainless steel screws, with a minimum screw penetration into joist of 1- 1/2”.

Face screwing or edge screwing are the most effective methods of installation. Do not use hidden clip fasteners or nails.