How do I choose my siding?

Siding performance varies by grade, thickness, width, pattern and texture.

Although all siding products are considered “non-structural”, all siding products have been milled from lumber that has been graded by one of the industry recognized grading agencies. After milling, siding products are generally categorized as either premium (clear) or knotty (STK). Such marketing terms aren’t the official “grades” of the material but they do describe the basic characteristics one can expect from their siding. Premium grades (sometimes called “clear” or “select”) generally have little to no knots, pitch streaks, etc. Products with such characteristics are generally categorized as knotty products (sometimes called STK or “common”). It is important to keep in mind that there are no uniform standards for marketing terms such as select, STK, NPS, etc. and these products can vary in quality from one source to another.

Width – Wood’s natural reaction to changes in moisture are directly proportional to size. Although wider sizes install faster with fewer fasteners and are often preferred for appearance, they are more prone to drying caused movement such as shrinkage and cupping.

Texture – Planed or smooth surfaces have a more formal appearance and are most commonly used for interior paneling. Rougher, more textured surfaces are often used for a more rustic appearance.

Pattern – Pattern selection is generally governed by cosmetic appearance factors. Below you will find patterns we offer, and an example of how they will look and function

How do I choose my siding