testing galleries

Both galleries are using the same images. The configuration is the same on both galleries except on the first one the gallery images are cropped. On the second gallery, the crop images is unchecked. The Lightbox settings are exactly the same for both galleries. Default image size, the super size box is checked, and thumbnails are unchecked.

This one has cropped gallery images: 4 column gallery, gallery images cropped to 283 x 188 cropped from center. Using the captioned theme and when you look at the lightbox, you can see it is using the cropped image to create the lightbox image. It was not doing that before.

This one has uncropped gallery images, 4 columns, captioned theme. Gallery configuration is the same as the other one except the crop images is not checked, and the image size is set to default but it does not seem to matter what I set in the fields under it. I have tried 300 x 300 I have tried 600 x 400, it seems to ignore those fields unless I am cropping. You can see the lightbox is using the full image and fitting it into whatever restrictions it is using for the viewer, which is understandable, at least it is using the full image. This is what I need it to do, but I need to be able to control the size of the gallery images as in the first gallery.