To ensure our customers the finest timbers, best service and selection, Wood Source is an approved WCLIB grading facility operating an timber re-saw with over 500,000 bf of timber on hand.

Douglas Fir

If you are looking for the best in structural timber, the first choice is Douglas Fir. It has an excellent strength to weight ratio and the highest rating of any western softwood for extreme fiber stress in bending. Many builders worldwide prefer Douglas fir for framing timbers. It is truly the ideal, general-purpose softwood species for timber framing in residential, light commercial, industrial construction, and for architectural applications. We offer structurally graded as well as appearance graded timber. We are experts in supplying the correct timber for your application.


  • Box Heart // Timber sawn from the whole tree with the heart at the center. Typically large dimension, and value-oriented timbers are box-heart. Checking can occur that may run to the length of the timber.
  • Free-of-Heart // The timber is sawn to exclude the heart of the tree, creating a more stable timber, especially in small to mid dimensions. Tends to check much less than box-heart.
  • Air Dried // Timbers can dry as much as 10% 1” in about 30 days in an arid climate.
  • Kiln Dried // We use new generation dehumidification kilns to dry timber our timber. This process works extremely well on timbers up to 6” thick. This is the most economical way to start stabilizing timber.
  • Microwave Kiln Dried // Dried through radio frequency from the core, these timbers have more consistent moisture content throughout.

Douglas Fir Timbers


GLULAMS or otherwise known as glue laminated timbers provide higher structural strength than steel pound for pound. Essentially, glulams are wood laminations bonded together with durable, moisture resistant adhesive. GLULAMS are great if you desire strength and beauty.

As a structural element, Glulams offer the strength of engineered wood products, fire resistance superior to steel, and the warmth and beauty of wood for exposed applications.

In addition to the glulam beams, Wood Source supplies box beams, arches, and glulam trusses. We also distribute EcoLam clear faced laminated decking and traditional lamented roof decking.